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Be a Great Manager to Increase Profits

Q: We’ve experienced considerable erosion in our margins over the last three years. I’m wondering how much is due to the management team. We’re not the most structured bunch and I wonder if we’re doing the right work or even if we have the right team. What suggestions do you have for us to be more effective?

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Prevent Losses in Slower Times of the Year

Q: We’re a highly Seasonal restaurant, and offseason sales are hard to generate each year. With the lull in business I’m losing money because my labor cost is so high. How do I keep from laying my kitchen people off or substantially decreasing their hours?

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Reel in New Guests to Spur Growth

Q: My Business is growing sales two to three percent annually, but only because of price increases. As I’ve raised prices, guest counts are dropping. I don’t think I have any more room to increase prices and the cost of running my business continues to escalate. What is the next move to make?

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