Accounting, Management, and Professional Services

AMP offers a rare combination of three core services: Accounting, Management, and Professional. We are a hospitality, retail, and restaurant consulting firm with full-service solutions for business operations. Our robust software suite, proven strategies, and consulting expertise are derived from first-hand experience at many levels of the hospitality and restaurant industry, including consulting, ownership, and customer-facing duties. This unique perspective allows AMP to provide top to bottom coverage for business success, while addressing the intricacies of your company’s processes. Whether your goal is building a world-class company or improving your neighborhood business, AMP Accounting, Management, and Professional solutions can help.

Web-Based Restaurant Accounting Software for Your Business

AMP provides restaurant accounting services for the hospitality and restaurant industry. But AMP is more than hotel and restaurant accounting solutions. We offer hands-on industry experience with an elite software suite of financial tools to bring you the best hospitality and restaurant accounting solutions available in the market.

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Web-Based Hospitality Management Software for Your Business

AMP understands first-hand the best management techniques for interactive businesses with a perishable product, a fluid workforce, and particular guest needs. As accomplished hospitality and restaurant business consultants, AMP helps clients improve restaurant and hospitality management with a full solution suite and proven strategies.

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Top-Tier Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Business Assessment

AMP offers business owners and executive teams elite professional solutions to optimize and expand operations, or prepare for mergers or acquisitions. Our strategic approach tethers organizations from top to bottom, helping companies run with purpose and values that are in line with well-executed vision and planning.

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