We here at AMP, value our client feedback. We are extremely proud of the testimonials we have received from our clients for the quality of services and the commitment to their success. Here is what our clients are saying about AMP Services:
*Due to the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, names have been kept anonymous.
Direct client references are available when requested.

Ultimately, what I’m most happy with is how I now actually have a team focused on my accounting. With our past accounting team, it was pretty much just a technology platform and there wasn’t really any personal service like what AMP provides. I had no confidence that the PL, balance sheet or anything else was accurate because they never were. All my books were literally a mess and the team at AMP cleaned them up.

The AMP team finds issues and solves them. We now have a real accounting team and having a quasi-CFO is super helpful. If we have a decision to make, we can now ask them to help with preparing the numbers thus our decisions are increasingly more data driven. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, our period meetings with GMs are great for increasing accountability and awareness of issues on the statement. It has been very beneficial in that we are now providing training and context to the managers. We are really focused on training this adds another layer of expertise.

I have confidence in our numbers and truly understand how to better measure our financial performance. I feel like I am getting my MBA in Restaurant Financials for free!

Our team can connect our labor scheduling and AP directly to our financials and make better informed decisions. We have much better inventory management and accountability. The managers have more time to spend on the floor with our guests and strong understanding of what profitability really means.

I have had the opportunity to work with AMP services while at a couple different restaurant groups now and they have become an essential part of my operation and business. Certainly, they accomplish all of our accounting needs in a timely, professional manner but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The team at AMP is simultaneously your accounting department, advisor, financial coach, compliance expert, tax and legal advisor, restaurant consultant and confidant. The team is comprised on industry experts, so it is unlikely you will ever face a situation that they can’t support. Despite the experience and expertise, they are flexible and adaptable enough to meet the unique needs of a diversity of business models. When we need to adapt a reporting tool or system for a unique application, the team is ready to provide insight and make it happen.

Because of my experience with AMP, I would never again consider an in-house team…unless the AMP Team want to come over and join us!

I receive excellent support from AMP Services. Each person I have dealt with provides quick answers to questions or requests for assistance. It’s extremely helpful to me to not have to chase down information or send multiple emails. The quick turnaround for questions and support makes it easier to complete my job each day.

We now have our financial house in order from an operations standpoint specifically in getting timely and accurate financial information that we can use to more effectively run our business.

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