Top-Tier Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Business Assessment

AMP offers business owners and executive teams elite professional solutions to optimize and expand operations, or prepare for mergers or acquisitions. Our strategic approach tethers organizations from top to bottom, helping companies run with purpose and values that are in line with well-executed vision and planning.

Our experience with hotels and restaurants, consulting executives about expansion and building company value, includes acquisition of funding and selling businesses for a maximum multiple. We evaluate and appraise your business to help define and clarify your vision, purpose, and company values. Through annual and quarterly strategic planning, AMP positions businesses for the best long and short term solutions. Let AMP hospitality and restaurants consulting and executive coaching answer your toughest business questions with elite industry intelligence.


Are AMP Professional Services Right For Your Business?

Our top-tier business consulting and executive coaching services provide proven best practices and a business perspective derived from in-depth industry knowledge and state-of-the-art strategic methods.

If you are expanding your company, planning a merger, or simply looking to position yourself optimally in the marketplace, talk to AMP for complete professional solutions.


Top-Tier Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Business Assessment

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