Q: In visiting with my guests I receive information that sometimes drives me crazy. I hear our food can be inconsistent coming you too the kitchen. once day an item is terrific and the next it’s just so-so. What can be done to improve our consistency?

One of the common techniques used by some of the best companies is to routinely test the kitchen staff on the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen. You should test your food every day and have your staff give input. Different cooks cook differently. That’s not a good thing for consistency. The critical execution factor is to prepare the menu item exactly how you want it to go to the guest and then train the kitchen to produce it perfectly and the service staff to serve it promptly. What good is a great plate of food if it can’t come out of the kitchen perfectly or make it to the guest quickly? Set the expectation that anything less than perfect cannot be served to a guest. Don’t let consistency slide or you will be granting silent approval and letting the staff know consistency is not all that important. Schedule formal reviews of menu items following a format called FATT. Every recipe should be written and available for training and have the FATT criteria listed of Flavor, Appearance, Temperature, and Texture. Call your staff together daily to review at least one menu item for:

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