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Five Sales Building Tactics that Won’t Break the Bank

Q: As we head into the quieter time of the year for our restaurant, what are some ways we can build sales and not spend much money?

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Focus on Three Areas to Stay Ahead of Competition

Q:I believe we lack focus on hitting goals at my business. We’re great at reacting to problems in the moment, and I think sometimes we wait for crisis to strike so we can react to it. If I were to set a few areas of focus for the next year, what are the most critical areas?

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Safeguarding Against Fraud and Theft at Your Restaurant

Q: I’m noticing my cash balance is declining even though my EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) is growing. Nothing has changed on my balance sheet to drain cash, and our team has experience and good longevity. Where should I check to find some potential reasons why this might be happening?

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