Ultimately, what I’m most happy with is how I now actually have a team focused on my accounting. With our past accounting team, it was pretty much just a technology platform and there wasn’t really any personal service like what AMP provides. I had no confidence that the PL, balance sheet or anything else was accurate because they never were. All my books were literally a mess and the team at AMP cleaned them up.

The AMP team finds issues and solves them. We now have a real accounting team and having a quasi-CFO is super helpful. If we have a decision to make, we can now ask them to help with preparing the numbers thus our decisions are increasingly more data driven. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, our period meetings with GMs are great for increasing accountability and awareness of issues on the statement. It has been very beneficial in that we are now providing training and context to the managers. We are really focused on training this adds another layer of expertise.