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At AMP Services, we are committed to the professional growth and development of each of our team members. We created AMP Services to provide accounting, management consulting, and professional services to the hospitality industry and to develop employees that share the same passion. Members of our team are selected for their skill, personality, integrity and commitment to excellence. Each of these personal traits, serve as great assets to our most successful employees. We are constantly challenging ourselves to exceed our own expectations, as well as the expectations of our clients. We believe this drive allows our employees to reach their potential. From outstanding systems and concierge level service, to our community outreach, our team’s commitment to excellence encourages our clients to become a permanent partner with AMP Services while bringing purpose to every team member

Our Purpose

Make a difference. Inspire confidence. Improve lives.
We’re more than a firm. We restore our clients, community, and employees to health and financial prosperity. Confidence is contagious and empowering and allows individuals to experience peace of mind. Trusting our team will take care of all important financial details allows those associated with AMP to live a better life.

Joining Our Team

Become a professional at AMP Services
While we’ll benefit from you working with us, you’ll also receive a level of development hard to match. The variety and speed of work at AMP allows our professionals to grow well beyond where he/she would ordinarily in a comparable position. If you are a driven individual, if you are looking for a career, not just a job, if you graduated near, or at the top of your class and excelled in your accounting classes, AMP Services is the company for you.

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