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Instill a Sales Building Mentality to Increase Sales

Q: Our quarterly sales are short of budget and prior year. We’re doing a good job inside the four walls, but what can be done to stimulate sales beyond doing a good job?

Flat sales have been an issue since the Great Recession for many restaurants. Dining habits have changed, and as long as there is uncertainty in the economy, sales will be in limbo. Though flat sales have been the norm, many operators have enjoyed success in building sales during the last few years. Those that have increased sales keep a focus on the top line to drive the bottom line. One of the best action steps you can take is to build a sales mentality with the entire staff. Sales building is everyone’s responsibility—not just that of the owner and management team. Here are some ideas to consider and implement:

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By the minute: Getting your lunch rush down to a science

Q: In the past I would fill my dining room twice through lunch. Now, I’m lucky to get one full turn per day. What can I do differently to rebuild those lost sales?

A: Unless you’re a destination restaurant, lunch is dependent on speed, “crave”, value and convenience. Focus on speed first, the others we’ll address in a future column.

In analyzing door-to-door lunch sales, those that perform at the highest level are those with swift service in every area. The guest is typically on a schedule during lunch so it is important to keep the guest moving, but not rushed, unless they are coming to the restaurant for a leisurely lunch.
Follow and measure these standards for the guest:

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Build a powerful business with vision ad clear expectations

Q: My restaurant does not produce the type of results I think it should. What needs to be done to change the culture of the business?

A: Lasting change must begin at the top. Generally, the major problem in every company is communication. The leader sets the tone and has the ability to improve communication immediately. With a lack of information, people tend to draw to the negative; making up stories, making up meaning, and forming unfounded conclusions. To get your business to the next level and affect permanent change, use these steps:

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