I have had the opportunity to work with AMP services while at a couple different restaurant groups now and they have become an essential part of my operation and business. Certainly, they accomplish all of our accounting needs in a timely, professional manner but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The team at AMP is simultaneously your accounting department, advisor, financial coach, compliance expert, tax and legal advisor, restaurant consultant and confidant. The team is comprised on industry experts, so it is unlikely you will ever face a situation that they can’t support. Despite the experience and expertise, they are flexible and adaptable enough to meet the unique needs of a diversity of business models. When we need to adapt a reporting tool or system for a unique application, the team is ready to provide insight and make it happen.

Because of my experience with AMP, I would never again consider an in-house team…unless the AMP Team want to come over and join us!