Q: As I look at the structure of our company I realize I don’t have my arms around all of it.  What is the best way to get and keep everything under control?  

A: Growing a business is complicated. The crucial decision in business is deciding what NOT to do. There are many moving parts, and no one is an expert in every area. Owners that start restaurants are predominately operators, 8/10 started at the entry level. They’re wonderful at engaging employees and guests and reacting and fixing issues. As a business grows the needs of the business outpace its founder(s). Staying current in all areas simply isn’t practical and it draws away from what makes a business successful, great operations. Entrepreneurs have weaknesses in key areas and need to depend on experts to advise and guide on processes and procedures. If a decision is to hire and staff administrative functions internally, the owner is dependent upon the knowledge and honesty of the people hired. If key people were to quit or not work out the owner is right back in the same vulnerable spot of hiring for positions that draw away from operations.


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